5 June 2020

McVities Digestives – Strawberries and Cream (Waitrose) By @Cinabar

McVities Digestives – Strawberries and Cream

I’m not sure how anyone expected summer of 2020, but I’m guessing not like this. It has been a very strange year and not in a good way. Still we may not be able to enjoy the beginning of summer in the way that we wanted to, but there are still the odd new summer product to cheer us up at home. PREsumably this is testimony to how much in advance companies start planning new products.

These biscuits do sound very summery, they are McVities Digestives – Strawberries and Cream edition. I opened up the pack and couldn’t see much evidence that biscuit was any different to a regular Digestive. Even breaking one in half I couldn’t see any strawberry bits. The taste is there though, it is mild, these are mostly chocolate Digestive in flavour, but there is a fruity sweetness that works nicely with them. I couldn’t quite pick up on the cream in the strawberries and cream bit, but I liked the edition of summer fruit flavour. These went down very nicely with a cup of tea in the afternoon, a pleasant sugar fix. Here is to being able to share these with friends when times are safer.

McVities Digestives – Strawberries and Cream

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