21 June 2020

Co-Op Ancient Grains - Sunflower & Honey Farmhouse Loaf (@NLi10)

Lockdown has not only reduced the range of exciting new products flowing into my home, it's also meant that we've been relying on one big trip to the local supermarket a fortnight and getting the staple foods from ordinary shops.  This means a lot of ordinary factory white bread has been consumed.  While this is perfect for toast (and egg sandwiches!) I'd rather have something a little more interesting if it's available.

My partner decided a walk to the Co-Op was in order and we picked this up.  Ancient Grains - Sunflower & Honey Farmhouse Loaf - with sprouted rye and spelt, nutty seeds and fragrant orange blossom honey.  This is not factory white! (although it's almost certainly produced in a factory - which I'm fine with).

The main ingredient is basically normal flour, but there is a lot of goodness there too.

Looks a little boring from this angle.

Now that's better - I mean the spread isn't ideal - but with a few olives and some top grade Pesto it's certainly an exciting snack.

The bread is tasty, full of different textures and chewy bites.  The seeds are noticeable but not over-the-top, and the flavours are subtle enough that you can taste whatever you have added.

All in all a great little loaf and one I'd be happy to keep picking up.  It's a bit trendy I suppose, but it's really nice!

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