22 June 2020

Fried Green Doritos – Doritos Guacamole Flavour (Sainsburys) By @Cinabar

Fried Green Doritos – Doritos Guacamole Flavour

With the exception of vegetables I’m not sure green is a good colour for food. I’d say dusting a food in a green powder is also unappetising, but here we have Fried Green Doritos, or as the bag states; Doritos Guacamole, I think my title is better! ;-)

Spectre hates guacamole, he isn’t a fan of avocado and a dip made from it really was never going to work for him. Still I opened the bag of these Doritos Guacamole and he did give one a try, he didn’t like it but said it was because it tasted of guacamole so at least they are doing something right, even if it didn’t impress him. I had a portion of these to go with a jacket potato and chilli, with a sour cream dip. Did I mention they are green?

The flavour works really well, like a pre-scooped dip on a Dorito. The flavour is cooling but also has a bit of warmth, it is strong on the old avocado but I thought it worked well. It certainly made for a tasty dinner with the chilli con carne. Not sure I could convince a guacamole hater to like these, but at least I managed to get past the colour and enjoy the variety.

Fried Green Doritos – Doritos Guacamole Flavour

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