26 June 2020

Heinz Saucy Sauce (Ocado) By @Cinabar

Heinz Saucy Sauce

Spectre said we were out of mayo and I was sure that there was a bottle at the back of the store cupboard. Turns out Spectre was right (I hate that sentence) we were out of mayo, but I found this bottle of Heinz Saucy Sauce, waiting to be rediscovered. This was purchased pre lockdown and was I’m ashamed to say forgotten about.
As a fan of mayonnaise and ketchup with chips this really aught to work for me. The thing is I like mayonnaise and I like ketchup with chips but I usually have two separate dollops, this new sauce is a mix of the two. Spectre pointed out that this was the basis for seafood sauce, which I think it also might be.
I squeezed a splodge of Saucy Sauce onto the plate, it is pink in colour which does make it look like seafood sauce. I dipped a chip in and it did work rather well. There is a nice creaminess from the mayo, and the tomato adds sweetness and a decent tang. The best way to think of it is mayonnaise with a hint of tomato and from that point of view I’d happily have this with my chips. Spectre though planted the seed that it tastes like seafood sauce and I got that stuck in my head, which meant I was having chips with the wrong sauce. Basically Spectre ruined it (a sentence I’m far more comfortable with)! :-D

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