13 June 2020

Wanderlust Beer (Morrison’s) By @SpectreUK

There are possibly three types of people during a pandemic. There are those that have to work to help keep the ones that have to stay at home sane and healthy, and there are those people that strangely seem oblivious to any danger whatsoever. I wouldn't blame the people who have to work for wanting to stay at home, and as one of those who have the luxury and yet frustration of staying at home I understand a possible desperate need to go outside. And as for the people who seem oblivious to the dangers of an airborne pandemic, they are most likely the ones who are helping to clog up the hospitals. Okay, so the danger level seems to be slowly abating here in the UK… but there is still danger. I can't blame those that now want to wander out into the unknown and take a few more chances. With my slow knee recovery, I can't particularly wander that far anyway…

So this Wanderlust is produced by the Allendale Brew Company, in Northumberland. It appeals to me more at the moment because of being cooped up for so long. Created with pale malt, and a variety of hops including; Citra, Centennial, Cascade, and Zeus, this 6.5% volume Wanderlust can take my mind to the hills without having to leave my own living room. Besides I can always walk it off wandering around the estate in the fresh air for a short time later.

On opening the can there was a mixture of citrus and a floral hoppy smell followed by an aroma of sweet pale malt. This deep golden IPA poured like the sun on a hot summer's afternoon during a long walk in the wilds. Not that I know much about that, I'm afraid, however there is a nature reserve not too far away from where we live that we have been wandering around lately. This nature reserve is a mixture of dense woodland and scrubland with a river running straight through it. It's often quiet and peaceful enough to listen to the winds flowing through the leaves of the trees, and we've seen buzzards and pheasants in there. There are supposed to be otters living around the river too.

On tasting this Wanderlust the bitterness from the mixture of hops hit my tastebuds first like a refreshing drop of cold sharp rain on a hot day. The citrus bite and floral undertones gave way to the sweet pale malt providing a flavoursome lip smacking heartiness, as the taste of the oats in the ingredients merged with the sweet malts into the aftertaste. This Wanderlust is not only a wander for the mind through wilds of the countryside, but also a wander of the tastebuds with it's biting bitter hops and its sweet flavoursome malts followed by its wholesome oatiness. Mmm… very nice indeed, I'd have to pack a few cans of this inside of my rucksack if I was to go a wandering…

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