14 June 2020

Fentiman's Tropical Soda (And Vodka) - by @NLi10 @FentimansUK

The weather has been a bit odd this weekend.  Even if we could go out, i'm not sure what the right clothes would be.

Staying in with social/alcoholic drinks then is the order of the day - lets continue with the Fentiman's Tropical Soda.

So - I did first try this on the video (see bottom of post) but it was interesting enough for me to want to write about it in more detail.

Here it is, in all it's glory.  Lovely colour, not just lemonade or coke for me as a mixer!

It suggested Rum or dark spirits, but I didn't really have any open - so like the heretic I am I went for Vodka.  Kind of a tropical screwdriver.

Can't really read it that well - but it's basically a soda with a lot of fruit and botanicals in - and on it's own it tastes a lot like the tropical tip-tops that we used to get out of the freezer as a kid.  Amazing nostalgia hit and great, fruitier version of that flavour.

But - as mentioned in the video they left a gap at the end of the flavour for the alcohol so it just didn't taste quite 'right'  and the Vodka sat quite nicely there.  

Not quite dark and stormy rum, but like a fruity Russian punch it was a lovely thing to drink on a stormy afternoon.  Will have to find a little minature to go with the rest of the bottle.  One of those trendy ones like Kracken or something!

It's a fabulous mixer and something that I hope bars will stock should they ever re-open.

Here is the original video for those that missed it featuring vegetable flavoured chocolate and seaweed crackers.

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