28 May 2020

Things I use A Lot (I) aka What's In My Cupboard (@NLi10)

Ok - so essentially I'm running out of lockdown reviews again - but what a perfect excuse for a best of!  Less of a 'clips episode' than TV though as I'm not sure how recently I've mentioned any of these.

First up is my favourite TeaPigs.  I'm not a wine drinker, and I don't really get through much beer.  One thing I do love though is tea - and to me there is nothing that tops Tea Pigs Mao Feng Green Tea.  It has the right balance of strength and delicateness and tastes great hot or cold.  It's not a daily tea like my other green tea, but this is the one I save for a treat.

Along similar lines this isn't my everyday cooking oil, but Clearspring Japanese Toasted Sesame Oil turns fairly ordinary stir-fry ingredients into a luxury meal.  And it lasts for ages as you only need the tiniest bit to infuse the food and the kitchen with that little bit more authenticity.

This however I put on everything.  The original Schwartz Grill Mates Garlic & Herb Twist was a present, but you can still find them.  The mix is heavy on the salt and pepper, bu has other bits like garlic and chilli that you may not put on things.  This goes on my pad thai on toast (egg, this, tamarind, cooked in coconut oil), and goes great with every pasta and grill food that you can imagine.  If I ever can't get another one of these I might be in trouble (or have to blend my own).

I thought giving up dairy (mostly - still have milk in tea and pizzas with whatever they come with) would be impossible.  Switching to fake milk has really improved my sinuses and triggered some (accidental) weight loss too.  The two on the left are my favourite almond and Pea versions respectively.  The right hand one doesn't show up many places.  I believe that the Pea versions are the future and once people cotton on then it'll become the new alternative.  

Hope this was at least interesting!!

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Anonymous said...

I can't seem to get Schwartz Garlic and herb twist anymore, any idea what I have to grind and quantities to get this mix?