29 June 2019

Brothers Rhubarb & Custard English Cider (Aldi) By @SpectreUK

Brothers Rhubarb & Custard English Cider

The weather has been glorious today. After a good long session on the weights at the gym, I had a swim in the outdoor pool as usual. There were lots of lovely ladies in bikinis lounging around getting tans and lots of kids playing in the children's side of the pool. It honestly felt like I was on holiday somewhere in the Mediterranean.

I came back home, had a huge tuna sandwich, dozed off afterwards in the heat over a good(ish) book, and then we've just come back from a long walk up the canal. It's still really hot. Why am I telling you all this? Well, I need something cool, possibly a refreshing cider to drink now, and I still can't bring myself to fancy this Brothers Rhubarb & Custard English Cider!

Now I like cider, as you may know. I like rhubarb. I like custard. All three of them in a 330ml bottle just don't sound very appetising to me. The problem is that they come in a four pack. Cinabar probably bought them as a punishment for something. The bottle of this 4% volume cider from Showerings Cider Mill, in Shepton Mallet, doesn't mention as to how they produce this cider with custard, and I'm not even going to contemplate it. It reminds me of a cartoon back in my childhood called Rhubarb and Custard, which when I tried to watch an episode recently, it seemed that you needed to be very drunk to understand what was going on. Perhaps that's why it's a four pack?

On opening the bottle there was a pleasant fizz. There was a strong smell of rhubarb, and if I'm not mistaken a creamy smell after it, with cider apples at the back of the aroma. This ultra pink and murky cider glugged menacingly into my waiting glass. It was at this moment I remembered that when I eat rhubarb as a sugary pudding, I like it without custard. I took a sip. It really does taste like rhubarb and custard, with cider apples for afters. I still have three bottles unopened.

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