28 June 2019

Oreo Muffins (Asda) By @Cinabar

I accept I’m a big fan of Oreo biscuits, most especially the indulgent ones dipped in chocolate. The only thing an Oreo needs in my opinion is more chocolate. The latest Oreo addition isn’t actually a biscuit at all but instead is a twin pack of Oreo Muffins, which are available in Asda, and are in a very posh box. Inside the box are two large chocolate muffins, both of which are topped with icing and a crumble. They very much look the part and once the distinctive blue box was open, they smelt amazing too and surprisingly like Oreo biscuits.
I always eat muffins by breaking off the bottom and starting there, leaving the iced or top section to last. I may be a bit weird, but I have seen other people do this. Honest! So I broke the Oreo Muffin in half this way and was a little disappointed to see that there wasn’t a dollop of Oreo icing inside the middle, I had hoped, even assumed, that there would be. The base of the Oreo was just a nice chocolate sponge, dark chocolate in flavour, but not especially Oreo like to be honest. The top though was where this muffin excelled. The icing tastes just like the Oreo “stuff” vanilla filling in the biscuit themselves, and the crumble was wonderfully Oreo like, dark and tasty. The biscuit pieces were soft though, not crunchy, which made them easier to eat in this context. Had these Oreo Muffins had a filling it was have been perfect, even without that they were pretty darn fine.

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