24 June 2019

Remedy: Kombucha Cherry Plum Drink (Marks and Spencer) By @Cinabar

I nipped into Marks and Spencer to get a few top up items for the grocery shop, bread etc. Although I don’t do my main shop here I can’t resist having a look around from time to time as they are a great place to find new and interesting items for Foodstuff Finds. This is where I found this Remedy: Kombucha Cherry Plum drink, sitting smartly in its thin purple can. It was chilled so ready to drink.
Kombucha is a fermented drink made from sweetened tea, supposedly good for digestion due to the number of probiotics it contains. I am always sceptical about these things but was looking forward to giving it the taste test. The drink is a peachy colour and fizzed once the can was opened. I gave it a sip and wasn’t sure what to make of the flavour, it reminded me of something. The taste was sour, but with a hint of fruit ands sweetness. It was refreshing but the aftertaste had almost a vinegar like flavour which was okay, but far from something I loved. Then it dawned on me what the taste reminded me of and it put me off a bit. Sometimes I buy those prepared fruit boxes with melon and berries in them, and I know I should make my own fruit salads but they are so convenient, although not the cheapest way to buy fruit. Sometimes I will have one with my lunch at work, and eat up the melon chunks and then quite messily leave the pack on my desk until the end of the day when I tidy up, at this point I will drink the remaining juice, and it tastes like this Kombucha Cherry Plum Drink. Non distinguishable fruit, a little sour and vinegary. Not sure I’d buy this again to be honest.

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