4 June 2019

New Rowntrees Randoms Sours (Poundland) By @Cinabar

I have to admit to loosing track with the Rowntrees Randoms range. I’ve seen an Easter mix (with Easter shapes, think rabbits and chickens) and various other different shaped themes, but this is a variation on flavour. Introducing the new Rowntrees Randoms Sours, still with “random” shapes, but this time covered in sour sprinkles. By random there is a whole debate right their about they are not mathematically random, but I’ll let it go. Rowntrees make a lot of different shapes and every bag gets a selection.

I poured a few of the Rowntrees Randoms Sours out to have a look at them and the first thing I noticed was how much more difficult it is to identify what the shapes are. I think the foam sweet on the left was Big Ben? A green skull and a foam turtle? The other shapes were beyond me, the sprinkles made them blurry I guess, or I need my eyed testing, I guess those two options aren’t mutually exclusive. I think there was a flower? Seriously though the defined edges of the random shapes were softened by the sugar.
In flavour the sourness enhanced the sweets, and I really enjoyed them. I don’t eat that many sweets in general but found myself going back for another unidentifiable handful of random zingy flavoured shapes. I particularly liked the citrus flavours with their sharp acidic taste and sourness, they were really zesty and enjoyable. Even the foam flavours tasted stronger and was enhancedI think I’ve found my favourite Randoms to date, these will be the ones I’ll be buying again. If you like sour sweets, these are the Rowntrees Randoms you’ve been waiting for.

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