20 June 2019

Overpaying for luxury or unusual snacks (@NLi10)

There are lots of funny little sweet shops around the UK that want to charge you double for imported food. They seem to prey on tourists and families looking for unusual gifts. If you hunt around in the corner shops and Poundland’s though you can usually find similar for less.

Here we see a prime example of exotic Fanta - we paid £1.20 which is a lot for a can of pop on the street, but not if you are in a bar or restaurant. We also picked up more Blue by Pepsi.

This tasted of fizzy strawberries and wasn’t really worth the money. We had however seen identical cans for £2 in the sweet shops!

The supermarkets take a different angle, here we see Tesco selling you a few biscuits and some dip for £2 and five pence. While the price amuses me (and other Von Trier fans) even I turned down this review. It’s tempting until you think how many Jaffa cakes or regular biscuits you could buy for £1 and how much peanut butter you could get for the other £1. The 5p can even get you a bag to take it home in. Maybe I’ll see these on special.

My crazy lizard brain doesn't have an issue with paying £4 for this. It’s a creme brûlée flavoured BoBo tea, which is basically what bubble tea is called in the Birmingham institution that is Mr Egg. It’s basically a pot of coffee, cream and little tapioca balls, but I just couldn’t resist. The flavours and sweetness were amazing and I’m going to recommend it to my crazy colleague that loves hot chocolates which are entirely cream.

So I guess over paying for luxury items is fine if they are made in front of you and viewed as a treat, but not if they are just hyper convenience foods and unexceptional imports? Or maybe we’ve just become desensitised to overpaying for coffees. I’d be interested to know what you’ve overpaid for snackwise recently!

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