1 June 2019

Cornish Orchards Blush Cider (@cornishorchards @glouc_services) By @SpectreUK

Well it's been fairly hot and humid today. The sun has been trying to poke through the clouds and I've had a lazy day resting from the gym. I fancy a cider for a change. This Blush Cider from the Cornish Orchards, was practically sitting up and begging in my beer fridge to be drank. At 4% volume and lauded for its raspberry aroma and fruity flavour, it sounds like a refreshing treat to cheer me up.

I hurt my ankle a little a couple of days ago during weight lifting, and then upset my knee during a physiotherapy appointment. Sometimes your body needs a rest, as well as your heart and mind to try to conquer doubts. Recovery of any kind, say from my knee operation, can be both frustrating and punishing on all parts of the human psyche. You have to step back and rest, whilst trying to stay positive, and then sometimes attack issues from different angles.

Anyway, on opening the can of this Blush Cider there was a pleasing fizz from the carbonated contents. There was a fruity smell akin to raspberries from the deep pink cider, and a luscious sweet fruity taste with a little bitter cider apple at the back of the flavour. It's not often I'd recommend drinking a cider or anything else over ice, but refreshing as this Blush Cider already is, the weather is a little more humid than I'd prefer.

I'd definitely like to have a few more cans of this cider in my beer fridge though. A deck chair, some suntan lotion (yes, I even burn under clouds), a good book, and several Blush Ciders would make for a perfect lazy afternoon in the garden.

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