31 May 2019

Cabdury Choc Shake for Milkshakes (Asda) By @Cinabar

Cabdury Choc Shake for Milkshakes

When I first bought this tub of Cabdury Choc Shake Spectre thought it was hot chocolate at first glance, which is an easy mistake to make as it is in a very similar tub. This is actually a tub of powdered chocolate milkshake mix. With a hot weekend ahead promised we decided to try it out.

So I took a glass and filled it with milk, after all the front of the tub said “swirl into cold milk”. This was my first mistake, believing that label on the tub. The only option I had next was to add the powder to my glass of milk and stir, and I was a little shocked at the mess that I managed to make. The more I stirred the powder which was sitting on top of the milk the more the powdered over flowed and scattered onto the kitchen table. I was trying to work out what I had done wrong, so I took a further look at the tub, this time on the back. Here it says the opposite, it says to put the powder in first and mix it with a small amount of milk and create a paste, then add the rest of the milk. Thanks packaging for you help and contradiction. How is that "swirl into cold milk"?

Given where I was with this all I could do was carry on stirring, I did so a lot, but the side of the glass and top never got passed moderately lumpy. I did get bored with it though, well I got to a point where I thought it was as good as it was going to get in terms of being mixed. Then I cleaned the kitchen table to remove the powder debris that had worked its way out of the glass. Then I washed the rather sticky spoon and put that to soak as it had attracted sticky lumps of powder. Then I made sure my hands where free of the chocolate mess that had somehow got under my nails. I then used kitchen paper to wipe the side of the glass, to try and reduce the chances of getting further chocolate all over my hands for a second time or worse on my my top. Then I could relax with my milkshake, after all the hassle.

So I gave it the taste test, but have to admit to not being in the mood by the time I tried it. The flavour, for the bits that weren’t lumpy, was nice. It was not especially Cadbury flavoured, but it was sweet chocolatey and pleasant, because it was made with a powder there was a residue at the bottom, where the last mouthful was thicker and a bit lumpy. Perhaps this wouldn’t have happened if I had made the paste, but I’m not sure I can be bothered to try it again. Milkshake syrups are available from other brands, put a small splash in a glass, add milk, quick stir and it is job done. I’ll be sticking to liquid milkshake syrups this summer, rather than literally sticking to this one.

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