24 May 2019

Original Peperami Pasty Rolls (Asda) By @cinabar

Disclaimer alert, I haven’t eaten a Peperami in years. I remember liking them when I last had one, but not actually buying one for a long time. Well they have a new product out so I couldn’t resist. I spotted these Peperami Pasty Rolls on the Asda website and realised it was a packet of three of what looked like sausage rolls (from the preview). When they arrived the packaging didn’t give much away as each of the Peperami Pasty Rolls is sealed in a foiled pack. I decided to take one to work to have as a lunch with a side serving of soup.
My work colleagues will tell you that I can tell you when it is lunch time with looking at a clock, because I get hungry. Admittedly this sometimes happens at 11am, but it is rarely late. At midday I eagerly opened up the Peperami Pasty Roll packet and have to say I was disappointed. The roll was both thinner and shorter than expected. The image on the pack made the pastry look thick and fluffy, the reality wasn’t so appealing. I guess it had to be thin because it is made with a thin Peperami stick, but I just hadn’t thought this through. I decided to zap the Peperami Pasty Roll in the microwave, although heating was optional according to the instructions.

I gave the Peperami Pasty Roll a taste and wasn’t overly impressed. The small pasty roll had left grease on my fingers for a start. The Peperami part was nice, I liked the spicy meat flavours, if only because they reminded me of the real full sized thing. There was a little chilli heat and the familiar spiced sausage was nice. The whole point of this though was the pastry and it was a little flat and a little oily. The item was too small to be satisfying, and I found it a bit disappointing. I was glad of the thick bean soup I’d also taken for lunch. I’m aware I have another two in the fridge to eat up, but honestly I think I’d happily trade them for a proper Peperami stick.

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