1 May 2019

Frijj After Dinner Chocolate Mint Flavour Milkshake (Asda) By @SpectreUK

I'm a big fan of Nestle's After Eight Mints. I usually receive a couple of boxes from relatives at Christmas and can down a whole box in a couple of sittings. I do usually like chocolate milkshake also, so Cinabar thought she was onto a sure thing when she bought me this Frijj After Dinner Chocolate Mint flavour milkshake to try. I'm not so sure for some reason. I don't think I've ever had a chocolate mint flavoured milkshake before, and have an acquired taste where chocolate mint is concerned. Having said that, I can't think of any chocolate mints I don't actually like off the top of my head, but After Eight Mints are certainly my favourites… I just can't understand why I'm not looking forward to trying this Frijj After Dinner Chocolate Mint flavour. Perhaps the clue is in the title? Maybe it's because I like After Eight Mints and this drink is trying to mimic that flavour rebranding it After Dinner Mints? If this mimicked flavour isn't right, maybe adding a load of milk will ruin the taste further?

After a good shake, there was a light whiff of After Eight Mints on opening the bottle. So this After Dinner Mints flavour could be pretty close to the original Nestle version. However, this initial chocolate mint smell was then mainly drowned out by the familiar Muller Frijj Milk aroma. It actually tastes pretty good though. Not completely After Eight Mints, but that would be a bit odd considering the amount of milk that's in the drink. This After Dinner Mint flavour runs entirely through each mouthful doused with oodles of Muller Milk. I do like it though and would consider it a good liquid pudding. It's a shame it's a limited edition as around Christmas time especially, this Frijj After Dinner Chocolate Mint flavour would sell like hot cakes, I'm sure!

Information on the bottle;
The 400ml bottle contains 74 calories per 100ml, with 1.6g of fat, 10.2g of sugar, and 0.13g of salt. See photograph for ingredients.

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