13 May 2019

Smashed Avo (@Pret) By @Cinabar

I’ve mentioned on here before that from my age some descriptions of Millennial just about include me, but at the older end of the scale. I have always felt that I identify as Generation X too. Today though I have gone all Millennial and I have just bought Smashed Avo on bread from Pret. Firstly missing the ‘cado part of avocado must be a millennial thing to do, lets just be cool and radically cut back on those lengthy syllables.
This Smashed Avo is a new item from Pret and I had originally gone in for a sandwich but my inner Millennial took over here when I saw the ultimate superfood favoured by this generation. It comes in a box on a seeded gluten free bread which I had to keep flat, and the avo(cado) is topped with red pepper salt and chilli and served with a wedge of lemon.
I have to admit I was worried by all the red powder topping as I thought that this might be too hot from chilli for my taste buds but it was actually very mild, but nicely seasoned. The squeeze of lemon added a nice acidity to the flavour and I found myself really enjoying this. It was a very healthy lunch, with nice fresh flavours that was tasty. I do like avocado, and would defiantly pick this Smashed Avo up again, it make a lovely summer’s lunch. Think that confirms it then, I’m a Millennial.

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