21 May 2019

Hot Dog Pizza (Papa Johns @PapaJohnsUK) By @Cinabar

We fancied a takeaway and following an email advert from Papa Johns we decided to settle on pizza. The email is advertising their new Papa Johns Hot Dog Pizza, and this sounded like the perfect excuse for a takeaway. Admittedly we don’t need much of an excuse. It did lead me to think though that this is a hot dog pizza and that there is nobody local to us who deliver hot dogs on their own as a takeaway. We have several pizza places, fish and chips, Chinese, fried chicken and even a Japanese (I say even as we live in the sticks), but nobody delivering hot dogs. Hopefully this pizza would be the next best thing. This is one of those ‘when snacks collide’ combos, and I love both pizza and hot dogs sp couldn’t wait to give it a try.
The Papa Johns Hot Dog Pizza consists of sliced hot dog pieces, onions and a topping of ketchup and a mustard drizzle. The minute the box was opened the aroma was very much that of a hot dog stand and I found myself smiling to myself. The pizza is very tasty, the onions and hots dogs do make a good topping, and thankfully the mustard isn’t too strong. The onions were almost crispy which was nice for the texture. The ketchup give a lovely sweet base flavour and we all enjoyed the pizza.
In conclusion this Papa Johns Hot Dog Pizza gets the thumbs up from me, not just as a substitute for hot dog deliveries in my area but as a mighty fine pizza in its own right. It has flavours that work together well, and I’ll be sad if this disappears off the menu.

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