10 May 2019

Ritter Sport Cocoa Selection Nicaragua (Ocado) By @Cinabar

One of my favourite chocolate bars of all time is Ritter Sport Peppermint, and Ritter is a brand I really love. Dark chocolate is very much on trend for 2019, with lots of ordinary milk chocolate bars bringing out darker “dark milk” editions. Ritter Sport have gone with single origins cocoas in a selection of strengths of dark chocolate. First up is this Ritter Sport Cocoa Selection Nicaragua in 61% cocoa. The bar is brightly packaged in a yellow and turquoise with a cocoa pod on the front.The cubes inside are all embossed with the Ritter Sport logo and do look quite dark.
The pieces broke with a sharp snap and I gave one a try and was really quite taken aback by the flavour. The taste on this bar was rich and not too bitter. There is a pleasing sharpness from the cocoa which is immediately tamed by the a well balanced does of sweetness. The chocolate isn’t thick on the palate it leaves a lovely clean crisps feel that makes you reach for another piece. It is one of the silkiest chocolates I have tried and the balance of tastes is just spot on. Not too sweet, not too bitter I think this Ritter Sport Cocoa Selection Nicaragua might be my ideal dark chocolate. I am just loving how smooth this chocolate is. After this fab bar I am looking forward to trying the others in Ritter Sports Single Origin Cocoa range.

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