30 May 2019

SKwishEE machine that appeared in our Nissa by @NLi10

We often pop into the Nissa that is the nearest to our hospital.  It got ram-raided once but has been rebuilt now.  Today we spotted this monstrosity.

It makes the normal drinks fridges and options look positively tame.  It has three flavours, two sizes and a choice of plastic or edible straws!

It's disappointingly sugar free but that's probably for the best given it's proximity.

£3 gets you the daddy size drink - which you serve yourself and follow the instructions.  If you are like me you also instinctively make a seal with the top hole and the nozzle causing a massive pressure buildup in the cup. oops.  I went for the blue raspberry and a topper of the pink strawberry.

I also paid 30p extra per straw for edible straws.  They may be made of sugar or just odd compressed plant, but they worked well.

They even absorbed the properties of my comrades drink and turned funny colours without going soft.  Unfortunately while it is possible to eat them they were not actually that nice.  I binned both of the second halves of mine - which while technically not as bad for the environment was still a bit wasteful.  Two was also excessive as the drink was not as thick as I'd expected.

The day wasn't all that hot really and it was basically just cold water at the end.  Nice though - the drink itself had good fruity flavours (as oddly did the straws, it was just crunching them that was unpleasantness)

My verdict is that we are likely to get the drinks again (maybe less sure on the mango) and just be sure to recycle the straw (I insisted on taking everyones cups back to recycle too).

A little expensive, but the machine is very fun to use so a nice treat item.

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