6 May 2019

Chicken Katsu Sando (Marks and Spencer) By @Cinabar

Chicken Katsu Sando (Marks and Spencer)

I went into Marks and Spencer to pick up a packaged sandwich and I saw a man dithering by the counter. He was looking at the Vindaloo sandwich Marks’s has brought out and wasalmost wanting to but it. There was a warning in the background stating “is this the hottest sandwich in the world?” And he couldn’t deiced if he wanted to go there. I mention this because I was in the same place, the novelty of a super hot sandwich is exciting, not being able to eat my own lunch less so. Marks and Spencer have brought out a new range of ‘street food’ inspired sandwiches and this ultra hot vindaloo one was in that range. I know my limits so picked up this rather lovely sounding Chicken Katsu Sando, also in the range, the other man eventually did the same. I know I can’t handle too much heat, but I may pick up the Vindaloo edition for an unsuspecting Spectre at some point…
Anyway my Chicken Katsu Sando sounded much more my thing. Chicken Katsu curry is a Japanese dish usually consisting of chicken in breadcrumbs with a mild curry sauce poured over the top. It is my favourite dish in Wagamamas if you are looking to try it.

I had a peek inside my sandwich before tucking in and it was very green. The sandwich has in it a green cabbage coleslaw that was dominating the colour, but the chicken looked pleasingly meaty underneath. I gave it a try and thoroughly enjoyed the taste and texture. The chicken shone through, as did the creamy curry sauce and the texture from the slaw was spot on. The texture was satisfying to munch on and the creamy curry taste was perfect for a sandwich. Seriously I’ll be buying this sandwich again very happily. It is a nice mix of new flavours, and I hope their other ‘street food’ range of sandwiches are as good. I’m happy I chose the right sandwich for me. However if you have been brave enough to try the new Marks and Spencer Vindaloo sandwich do let me know how you got on? I might work up the courage of somebody tells me it isn’t too hot…

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