8 May 2019

Street Food Teriyaki Crisps (@DegustaboxUK) By @SpectreUK

I like to watch a lot of food and travel programmes on the TV. I like to see people in far off places I'll probably never go to eating food I'll possibly never try. Of course we have lots of diverse restaurants in the UK, so I can always dabble. For instance there's a Vietnamese restaurant in Grand Central Station, in Birmingham, I like to go to on the odd occasion. The street food in those far off places on the TV, even in any market here always looks inviting, but my weak tummy only lets me browse and maybe have a sniff rather than full on eating anything.

London Flavours have brought out these Street Food Teriyaki flavoured potato crisps. They sound a good alternative snack to actual street food. I can get the flavours of Teriyaki I always love and am used to from various restaurants in a packet of crisps. On opening the packet there was that unmistakable blend of soy and ginger from the Teriyaki seasoning. On taste the greedy side of me was instantly glad that these Street Food Teriyaki flavoured crisps came in a 40g packet. There's a sweetness that hit my tastebuds first from the muscovado sugar and molasses, then there's a tastiness from the garlic in the ingredients and towards the aftertaste there's a decent salty bite. These crisps do have a Teriyaki flavour running almost right through them, however there's a heavy flavour of garlic added in the middle and that unusual saltiness towards the end, reminding me that I'm eating potato crisps. They're certainly very tasty though and I'd enjoy them again.

Information on the packet;
The 40g packet contains 507 calories, with 27g of fat per 100g, 3.2g of sugar, and 0.85g of salt. These crisps are gluten free and Vegan friendly. Please see photograph for ingredients.

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