23 May 2019

Iberian Eurovision 2 - Peri Peri crisps & Chocolate (@LidlUK) by @NLi10

Today we return to our Eurovision haul, on the day that Britain goes to the polls to send some politicians (and some clueless populists) to sit in the EU parliament.

This time - crisps!

Peri Peri is still very popular due to Nandos and these have a nice flavour to them but they are less spicy than Medium.

They are made in the UK which I'm fine with, the spices probably aren't.  They are also vegan friendly which is nice.

Decent second tier crisps too - not quite Kettle Chips, but not Walkers.  And mostly they were intact for maximum crunch.

This was also intact.

Look at those lovely sliced up tiffin-style fingers (in front of the Italian entry that came 2nd)

They didn't slice ours for us though - its one chonky block!!

Adding violence produces something similar to a rice-rispy cake and it's very easy to eat a lot in one sitting!  It's big enough to share though.

And that's Eurovision over for another year.  Neon shutter shades now have to be stored away, ready for next year's voting controversies in Amsterdam.


paulham said...

That Turron is cooking chocolate but none the worse tasting for it.

NLi10 said...

Ah! but yes - nice and didn't last long...

Unknown said...

The turron is so yummy!!