11 May 2019

Lucky Jack American Pale Ale (DiscoverBrew) By @SpectreUK

What can I say about Lucky Jack? It's an American Pale Ale, and was brewed in Norway. This seems like a lucky beer. Mainly because of the name, but also because it was the only beer in date in the half dozen prize box I won from Discover Brew, or Discover-Disappointment-Brew, as I've now dubbed them. I'm glad it was Lucky Jack though. I need all the luck I can get these days. I overdid it in the gym this last week and hit more snakes than ladders in my quest to rehabilitate my knee and my old shoulder injury. Amongst other things, this has not been a lucky week at all. However, you have to roll with the punches somehow and get back up fighting, otherwise you get dragged down further. So I get up. I dust myself off. I try again.

So Lucky Jack is an American Pale Ale. It's 4.7% volume. On opening it didn't explode all over the place and get tipped down the sink like the out of date beers in the Discover-Disappointment-Brew box. It didn't exactly fizz either, which brought a moment of apprehension. Was this a dead beer? It certainly smelt mainly of herbal hops, with notes of sweet pale and barley malts. I noticed while I was typing that this beer had been slowly and quietly gurgling out of the top of the can on it's own and onto the kitchen surface. Not a lucky start.

On pouring it was a lot more fizzy than it first made out and froth filled my glass. Deep gold and fairly murky, this Lucky Jack has a bitter herbal hop taste to begin with. This hoppy flavour merges with the pale malts and malted barley in the beer, leaving it with a sweet hoppy flavour into the aftertaste. It's certainly very tasty. Hopefully Lucky Jack will bring me some luck next week. Although I feel that I should rub the can now or something…?

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D said...

I was a bit confused there as Lucky Jack is a brand of cold brew coffee that fitness trainer Jillian Michaels co owners but i dont think they are related!