4 May 2019

Li Jing Lemon Saison Biere (Gloucester Service Station) By @SpectreUK

I sometimes look into stuff a bit too much, I guess… Looking up Li Jing resulted in several Chinese commanders from different ancient dynasties, to a rather fetching actress, to a deity in Chinese folklore. The deity seems to match the image on the can created at the University of Cumbria for the Eden River Brew Company. Li Jing didn't get on with his third son and battled him after his reincarnation finally trapping him in a burning tower… Anyway, I'm not sure what that has to do with lemons, but perhaps neither would Li Jing or his ill fated third son?

This 5.6% saison beer was created in the traditional Belgian style of fruity and possibly spicy beer, with the omission of bottle conditioning, I'm sure, as it's in a can! It's made with Savinjski Golding hops and New Zealand Motueka hops, and some lemons to add to the already citrusy boost from the hops. This misty pale golden coloured beer is certainly big on fizz and almost filled my glass with a huge fluffy white head. There were spicy citrus and lemon aromas from my glass as the beer was slowly calming down. On taste the warming spices from the hops intermingle with the citrus and lemons all the way through the flavour, with sweet pale and crystal malts swimming around somewhere underneath all the white fluff. I'd certainly have this again, especially washing down another tuna sandwich.

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