7 May 2019

Mavericks Orang-Utang Poppin’ Corn (Sainsburys) By @Cinabar

This strange sounding snack called Mavericks Orang-Utang Poppin’ Corn caught my eye on a promotional strip on the end of an aisle in Sainsbury’s. I had actually been in a bit of a rush and didn’t take that much note of what I was buying, a new make and flavour of popcorn I assumed.

Once home I looked at the bag in a bit more detail and realised that although these are described as “Poppin’ Corn” the image on the bag didn’t quite look like normal popcorn, more like Wotsits. I was impressed that the bag only had 50 calories and what seemed to be quite a bit of contents. I tried one and they didn’t work for me. The Mavericks Orang-Utang Poppin’ Corn are very light and dissolve into almost nothing quite quickly. I am a big fan of texture and felt that this was lacking for my tastes. The flavour varied from plain and almost nothing more than the maize to weirdly sharp and sour, like a very zingy glass of orange juice that you wouldn’t want to drink. They were mostly quite plain but the odd sour one wasn’t really any better. I ate a few, but I got through less than a quarter of the bag before I decided they weren’t for me. I thought if I persisted I might get used them, but I think they might be a bit of an acquired taste. Fair play to Mavericks for trying something different and for bringing out such a low calorie snack, I’m sure there are people that love them too.

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