9 May 2019

Alpro - plant based Ice-cream and how to make it zing! (@NLi10)

Vegan ice-cream is one of those things that feels like it shouldn't work, but totally does.  After all there are lots of things you can freeze like fruits and berries that work really well, why should it only be dairy?  Gellato is a very good example of this.

Here we have an oddity - an iced desert that has been in our freezer for ages without being touched.

I'm not sure why this combination of Hazelnut & Chocolate from Alpro (who make the white stuff I pour on my cornflakes) just didn't seem as appealing at home as it did on the Ocado website.

Opening it up it looks fine - like cheap chocolate ice-cream, with very little Pizzazz.  But what is that conveniently in shot? Flipz are pretzels covered in chocolate - can the addition of (also vegan) chocolate and salt make this a little more exciting?

Of course it can!  I mean you could just add chocolate chips, but this is basically a whole (mini) desert.  Now I'm going to have to attempt to keep these snacks in stock so I can offer people a choice of toppings with their desert - such a hardship.

The not ice-cream is actually quite nice, the flavour is both nutty and chocolatey - like the brown Cornetto used to be - and the texture is firm if not quite as airy as the real thing is.  I guess you get more for your money this way.  Add some kind of topping and this is as good as any other brand to me - dairy or non.  Will see how quickly this goes down once the weather picks up again.

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