16 May 2019

Strawberry Dream - Roses Cake Bars (@NLi10)

When I was a small person Roses were the height of luxury. Short of getting a proper box of chocolates that Roses selection box was the pinnacle.  Sure you may see Thornton’s in a few more expensive places, but a tiny box of these or Quality Street was the top.

Now, like the Cornetto, the brand has fallen a long way and become commonplace. It does mean that we get a few interesting hybrids - where Cadbury’s will now use these brands and flavours on other products - like these cake bars.

They are standard Cadbury cake bars in new wrappers
Surely? Maybe that pink goo is special?

Nicely wrapped, but small for me.

The pink goo is indeed new and interesting, like a mouse version of the Roses chocolate. Interesting enough to try, but not world changing. Now - a cake bar selection pack with all the Roses flavours would get me excited...

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