2 May 2019

Easter left-overs from McVitties (@NLi10)

A colleague at work visited Tesco and Found all the Easter snacks reduced to 25p. This is the result.

While most of these are not unusual things I thought I’d have a go at all the McVitie’s ones


These are Alice in Wonderland themed, because rabbits, and it works well. We are off to the loopy dotty hatters tea party.


He’s not on time for an event of large importance!


And the resulting lemon Jaffa cake bar is gorgeous, if not a little small... more please!

Here is the tiffin!

It’s a little disappointing - I thought the biscuit would carry it, but it’s just not that exciting.

Here we have the dotty Choc crunch - it’s basically the same as the tiffin 

Again it looks pretty, but it’s just not that exciting. Worth 25p of anyone’s money, but not that special .

I’d just get the lemon bars first.

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