14 May 2019

Cadbury Delight (Waitrose) By @Cinabar

Sometimes when you are in the biscuit aisle of the supermarket and you see a new product you make an assumption that the item you are putting into your trolley is indeed a packet of biscuits. I may not have read the small print but I did see the picture. I admit I was in a bit of a rush doing a top-up shop and spotted these new Cadbury Delight “biscuits” and couldn’t work out why they didn’t have a “new” label as I hadn’t seen them before. They are new to me and I’m usually quite good at spotting new things, hence the blog.
Anyway that aside I made some hot chocolate, because biscuits need dunking, and I prised off the wrapper. There are seven biscuits in the pack and they are really quite big. For once the biscuits filled the packaging and I was impressed. The biscuits are thick though so I braced myself when I tucked in assuming that it was going to have quite a crunch in these chunky biscuits and then I realised they were very soft, spongey soft and my teeth sank straight through. I had another look at the packet and yes it does state that they are layers of sponge, like a mini cake. I guess this could lead into the debate of is a Jaffa Cake a biscuit or a cake, but even those are found in the biscuit aisle.
So the Cadbury Delights are two layers of vanilla sponge sandwiching chocolate spread and covered in milk chocolate and as the name suggests they are a delight to eat. They was plenty of chocolate and I liked the spongey texture. I might not have been able to dunk them but the just didn’t need it, they were so easy to eat and satisfying. Quite why nobody else (Jaffa Cakes excluded) haven’t put together mini cake style biscuits before is beyond me, I’m buying another packet of these ingenious Cadbury Delight chocolatey treats.

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Anonymous said...

These are delicious, I used to find them in Sainsburys but now can't find them anywhere!!