12 May 2019

Poopcorn... Proper Corn - Chocolate Popcorn - tasty but wrong (@NLi10)

I have colleagues, they buy all kinds of nonsense. This is great because I can review the nonsense and get someone else's perspective at the same time.

Here we have pop-corn.  A trendy and delicious snack. And it's made by proper corn who make great things.

This time they added chocolate - what could go wrong?

Hey - this huge bag is only 126 Kcal per serving! How many servings are there here - basically 4.  My colleague ate 90% of this bag solo in one sitting...

It's all natural, it's gluten free and vegetarian.

And it looks like this.


Now I understand why they put the white version on the bag.  This doesn't look very Hollywood.

Essentially it's popcorn rolled in cocoa powder, which I'm fine with, but it goes everywhere.  My highly respected college looked like a toddler who'd found a bar of dairy milk while his parent's backs were turned.  And it's odd - I like dark cocoa, but this feels like it needed either a sweet or a salty undertone.  It didn't really seem to have either, just the usual popcorn.

Now - I'd much rather have pretzels than popcorn, and I'm not sure anyone should be eating this in the dark in the cinema (not a date snack), but it's generally OK.  I mean it looks wrong, and it tastes wrong, but essentially if you like both of the things then you'll like this.  Maybe not three and a half portions worth of like - but you'll finish the bag eventually.

I'll stick to the Worcester sauce flavour ones as a rare treat, and binge on the breads instead.

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