26 May 2019

Almighty Foods Raw CBD vegan wholefood chocolate (@Holland_Barrett) by @NLi10

I'm often in town with a general panic that I don't have anything interesting to write about for this weeks review.  Luckily we have about 4 Holland & Barrett in Birmingham and they usually have quirky things to write about.

Take this Almighty Foods Raw CBD vegan wholefood chocolate - this product scores so highly on Hipster Bingo that organic got relegated to the flip-side.  99% organic, and everything is compostable and sustainable.  No guilt chocolate is always a win.

CBD is very much on the rise still, the store has gone from one little bottle on the counter to a whole section in maybe a year.  It's a big deal considering you can't officially say it has any health benefits!

Me? I like the stuff as it takes the edge off my arthritis - at least certain blends and compounds do, it's pretty bad science assuming that all the different parts of the CBD spectrum automatically do the same thing.  Here though they explicitly say it's full spectrum, so short of requesting the lab reports (which I've done for a few companies so far just to see what works for me) you know it's got a bit of everything.

10mg is the amount in the tablets I take most days, so stopping for a day to try this seems fair and fine.

And it's expensive (everything to do with CBD is) at £2 for 30g of chocolate, but it's at least packaged in a luxury way.  Importantly though they've managed to mask the sprout taste that CBD has so like the gummies that some people seem determined to give to their kids this is a very palatable and grown up way to try CBD.

And it's nice.  Thats the most important thing.  The chocolate has a fruityness that reminds me of raw cacao bars that I used to buy, and the texture is crumbly enough to keep me interested.  I ate all 30g to my self in one sitting and neither felt short-changed or over full.

I'm not sure I've given it long enough to see if it has the usual effect, but as a way to eat CBD while out without worrying about chasing it with food or popping pills this is a very welcome option.

I'll keep you posted on how it went.

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