30 April 2019

Philadelphia Milka Chocolate (Asda) By @Cinabar

There used to be a cheese based spread by Philadelphia that was flavoured with Cadbury chocolate. It was actually for sale for several years before disappearing, and then the rest of their cheese spreads went back to being savoury or of course plain. Asda has added this Philadelphia Milka Chocolate cream cheese as a new addition to their website so I eagerly popped it my virtual basket. I love Milka chocolate, I have European tastebuds where chocolate is concerned.
I’m going to be honest I wasn’t quite sure what to do with this Philadelphia Milka Chocolate when it arrived. I don’t buy a lot of cream cheese and if we do have a tub of Philadelphia in it is most likely to end up in a sandwich with some smoked salmon, heaven. I also don’t buy a lot of chocolate spreads either, despite my sweet tooth.

Sweet cream cheese is a different idea, and I thought that there would be many people buying it to use in a cheesecake, which I imagine this would be perfect for. In the end I had some for breakfast on a piece of toast. The spread is quite thick but easily covered my toast and melted into it with the warmth. The bread looked like it had been covered in Nutella, but this was a very different flavour. The cocoa was quite mild and the sweetness fairy subdued. It looked a lot richer than it was from the colour, but was more Philadelphia with a touch of Milka Chocolate. I think if your tastebuds are expecting chocolate spread they will be disappointed, but it does do what it says on the tub. Sweetened cream cheese with a chocolate flavour. I’m sure all the people who used to buy Philadelphia made with Cadbury Chocolate will be pleased to have a tasty replacement.


paulham said...

Given it's one and the same manufacturer, is there actually any difference in the older and new recipe?
I very much doubt it.

Cinabar said...

I’d like to think that some point in the process they use Milka chocolate to melt in instead of Cadbury, but you are right it would be difficult to tell the difference.

paulham said...

Unless it says Dairy Milk, it isn't Dairy Milk anymore but their new cheaper chocolate which is probably Milka if not then very close to it.