11 April 2019

Happy Gut Hut - Plain Kombucha (@NLi10)

There is no point in trying just one of any new thing. With Kombucha I took the very next opportunity to back up my original opinion with a nice small brand version in a trendy bike cafe.

The Happy Gut Hut seem to be a small outfit making soft drinks for little cafes. Perfect. As we all know my love for botanically brewed nonsense this is right up my street. Again it looks a little odd.

In the glass I’m just drinking a weird lemonade, or maybe a German white beer. And also eating an Oreo brownie. I’m a fan of the iPhones portrait mode, but the newspapers restaurant reviews go from above.

I think both work well!

The brownie was great, but you can guess that.

The drink was a bit different to Captain Kombucha- it’s a lot milder, not quite as potent, but still has the same flavours and hints that I’d picked up. It’s still too much like a beer for my partner, but this is somewhere I’d be happier drinking on a night out. I wonder if bars do this in Birmingham yet? 

There are health benefits advertised, but I’m not sure my unique gut issues are happy with too much of this kind of thing. Best in moderation then, but lovely flavours and a great brand to pick up.

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