25 April 2019

St. Helier All Natural Sparkling Beverage Orange & Lemon (@NLi10)

I spotted these two cans floating around in one of the discount stores while we were picking up other bits and bobs. From the front they do have a striking similarity to another popular fizzy fruit drink - San Pelegrino.  Even down to the saintly name...

And the foil top on the can - I'm not sure what these are for really.  It feels posher I guess!

Maybe it's just to keep it clean.  Despite the natural ingredients there are both sugar and sweeteners, which is the modern compromise due to the sugar tax and general awareness that our teeth are dissolving.

First up was the orange, I didn't have a glass to hand so here is the ingredients.  There isn't much really, fruit, water and lots of things to help it get here intact.  And it's fine.  It's not as good as the brand it's imitating, but without a can for comparison I'm not quite sure which bit makes it taste wrong.  It's cheap fruity pop in a can.

The lemon is a little more enjoyable, but still not special. Tastes a bit more like the real fruit, but not enough that you'd pay full price for it.  Better than not having a nice cold drink while working on the computer on a hot day, and better than just water, but I think I'd rather have had one can of the real thing - or even better a bottle of fresh lemonade - than these.

It's nice to see them representing Jersey on the cans though, a little local produce goes a long way.  

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