16 April 2019

Mini MixUp Chocolate Eggs (Aldi) By @Cinabar

I was in Aldi looking for something Easter themed to munch on (before the event) and found this bag of chocolates called Mini MixUp Chocolate Eggs. The chocolate are individually wrapped and are egg shaped. This makes me think these would be good for egg hunts or just sharing on the day, if there isn’t enough chocolate in your house already! We had them just to snack on while watching TV. There are four varieties of Mini MixUp Chocolate Eggs, and they are:

Choco Eggs
These eggs had a lolly hint of hazelnut and a creamy filling. It wasn’t exactly what I had been expecting, but as a nut fan I loved these.

Oozy Eggs
The Oozy Eggs were filled with a sweet thick liquid in the format of a sugary fondant. They reminded me of a Creme Egg, and as such I rather liked it.

Toffee Egg Bites
These were mostly chocolate, with some bits of crisps toffee mixed in. The toffee flavour wasn’t too strong, but it added a nice taste to the base flavour.

Cookies N Cream
I loved the added biscuit tones and the added crunch. Chocolate and biscuit go together really well, so I think these were my favourites.

I have to say I was very impressed by this bag of chocolates, and I’m a little sad they are going to disappear after Easter. I will have to pick up another bag later in the week.

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