2 April 2019

Shloer Spritzed Grapefruit and Mint (Asda) By @Cinabar)

Shloer Spritzed Grapefruit and Mint

I am a big fan of the brand Shloer, I consider it to be my favourite grown up soft drink. I love the Celebration edition that comes out at Christmas, an the Elderflower is another favourite favour. I mention these two because they are generally the only ‘different’ flavours that are ever available in Shloer. In fact whenever I do an online order I search for Shloer and add a bottle, and I cannot remember the last time I saw anything new appear, that was until my last order. There was a whole range of new Shloer products from bottles to drinks, so I did the only sensible thing and bought them all. :-D
The first bottle to open was this Shloer Spritzed Grapefruit and Mint drink. It is in a nice posh bottle, and is a pretty pink colour. We poured some into glasses, and the drink fizzed pleasingly when poured. The aroma was very bitter and I worried his might not be for me. I gave it a sip and was pleased to say I loved the flavour. It is quite dry in taste, but not sharp from the grapefruit, just fruity and with a wave of bitter. The mint follows through and lifts this drink perfectly, its herby taste is cooling and refreshing, and rounded off the flavour perfectly. If I didn’t have cupboard full of new Shloer flavours to try I would be buying another bottle of this Shloer Spritzed Grapefruit and Mint for next week. I’m hoping all the new variants will be as good.

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