8 April 2019

Shloer Pressed: Strawberry and Lime (Asda) By @cinabar

As I mentioned last week there have been a few new soft drink products from Shloer this Spring, and also this a new format. Some of their new flavours are only available in cans, and come in boxes of four. The flavour we are trying out today is Shloer Pressed: Strawberry and Lime.
In the small print it states that there is also sparkling apple in the drink. I initially thought when it said Pressed it would be a still drink, but was quite pleased to see that it was fizzy as this what I like and associate with Shloer.
I poured my can into a glass and it fizzed nicely. The drink was a gentle pink colour and I gave it a first taste. I have to admit I was a little disappointed, the drink didn’t have much flavour at all. It reminded me of one of those water’s “with a hint of”. There was just a touch of sweetness and a touch of strawberry, I was struggling to pick up the lime at all. If I’m honest I think I wouldn’t have been able to identify the flavours from taste alone, it was just mild fruity and pleasant. Now I’ve tried the Shloer Spritzed Grapefruit and Mint it would be hard to imagine buying these cans over that bottle. Having said that I do have a pack of four rhubarb cans from Shloer in this range yet to try. I’m hoping that rhubarb adds a nice zing to that taste.

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paulham said...

You need to try the Dalston's fizzy rhubarb drink.
Nice and tart!