28 April 2019

Just Water? Just Water! (@NLi10)

Facing an hour long bus journey in the hot sun I decided I’d need a little refreshment, so went for a bottle of water from Holland & Barrett.  They had a staggering array.

Buying bottled water still feels wrong, so I went for the one on special offer, that also promised to be the most environmentally sustainable.

This is just water, which is also reassuring because some people put artificial sweeteners, flavours or minerals in which is annoying when all you want to do is not pass out on the bus.  I'd rather have a bottle of my own tap water to be honest (it just comes out of these things the previous owners left behind - and it doesn't taste of anything!)

So - it's bottled spring water in a container that is made from recyclable sustainable substances - 82% in fact and it's technically recyclable!

Why technically? Well our local council doesn't take these so it's off to landfill - which is sad.  

tetra-packs are an odd one - they are initially better but a can or bottle that can be recycled might be better - truth be told all the stats I had on the energy needed to transport and recycle these things are horribly out of date.  This has a space for your name though so in theory you can trump recycling - reducing and reusing are the best things of all.

So I can take this fairly square paper bottle with a foil inner out on many future bus trips and save money and the planet at the same time.

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