7 April 2019

Captain Kombucha - Holland & Barrett (@NLi10)

We were invited to a premier screening of the new Attenborough/ NetFlix documentary Our Planet and coincidentally I had a Holland & Barrett voucher to use up.  I decided to get the sustainable and fashionable drink Kombucha because I’ve been hearing a lot about it and had never tried it.

It’s not a great picture, but there was an hours wait between the door time and the start of the show proper so we had a lot of time to nibble our snacks and contemplate fermented goop.

Here we can see the crowds outside the museum for the actual debut, and the awkward small picture all the internet footage had. They went full screen for the actual show so it was all good.

And the documentary was good - not as dark and foreboding as I’d expected, and a lot of the talk was about how we can help. Going vegan was one big suggestion, I’d suggest less new ball gowns and taking public transport to premiers like we did.

Kombucha itself looks odd, it’s like you forgot to feed your sea monkeys. It tastes like beer made without hops, which is I guess what it is. This only has trace amounts of alcohol, like real cola, and is pretty family friendly. This particular brand was quite strong and while I liked this my partner wasn’t so keen. It was an interesting first go and I’m sure we will be trying more of this quite soon - for instance on Thursday!

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