15 April 2019

New Pringles Rice Fusion - Malaysian Red Curry Flavour (Asda) By @Cinabar

These crisps are a both a new flavour and a new style of product from Pringles. They are called Pringles Rice Fusion - Malaysian Red Curry flavour crisps, and they are actually made with rice flour. The flavour is that of a curry that would also go well with rice, but these are still in the usual Pringles crisps format. In fact, dare I say it, if you didn’t know they were made with rice flour you wouldn’t have noticed a difference in texture.
I have to admit to not knowing what a Malaysian Red Curry should taste like. I have had Thai red curries, but not Malaysian, so it is probably best if I just describe the flavour, and try not to worry too much about what it is supposed to taste like.
These crisps are mildly spiced, but they are very fragrant. I could taste curry powder and cardamon and I liked these spices. The other main flavour is a lovely creaminess that runs throughout the taste which was very much like coconut. This worked beautifully with the gentle spices, and as ever with Pringles, theses crisps were very moreish and tasty. To my taste buds they could have been made with the usual potato base and I don’t think I would have noticed, the rice works very well. One thing is though these Pringles Rice Fusion - Malaysian Red Curry Flavour were so tasty, it makes me want to try a proper Malaysian Red Curry, so I better have a hunt for a recipe.

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