9 April 2019

Seabrook Fire Eaters Smokin’ Hot Smokehouse Cayenne (Ocado) By @Cinabar

These crisps from Seabrook come with a few warnings about their heat on the front of the packet; “Dare You Eat The Heat”. The name also sounds ominous, the packet in front of me states Seabrook Fire Eaters Smokin’ Hot Smokehouse Cayenne.
We decided to share these out one lunch time, and see how hot they really were. I gave the first one a try and my initial thought was that they weren’t too hot. They had a nice mild smokiness and just as I was thinking "where is the chilli", it jumped up and slapped me in the face. My nose started to run and my tongue was on fire. Now I’ve never claimed to be a chilli head, but I ‘m okay with a nice medium heat. Chilli flavour crisps aren’t something that would usually bother me, they aren’t usually that hot whatever the packet claims. These are though. I did manage to eat my portion, and then have a long drink to try and clear the palette, they were a bit fiery for me, which kind of meant the smokey taste was a bit lost after the first couple.
Interestingly these fiery hot crisps have a four chilli rating on the front of the packet, there is a flavour with a five chilli rating in our cupboard, but I think I will leave those for Spectre to write about. They sound wonderfully delicate in taste; Seabrook Fire Eaters Scorchin' Hot Trinidad Scorpion Chilli.

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paulham said...

The 5 chilli ones are fine to begin with then the heat just grows and grows...