22 April 2019

Crusha Cookies and Cream Limited Edition Milkshake Mix (Asda) By @Cinabar

Crusha Cookies and Cream Limited Edition Milkshake Mix

As we seem to have had the warmest bank holiday weekend in a while we started on the search for cold drinks to cool us down. This house goes through tons of tea and coffee usually, but in warm weather something chilled is more refreshing. Okay Spectre drinks tea whatever the weather, but has a cold drink as well. One thing that are a treat are milkshakes so I picked up the new Crusha Cookies and Cream Limited Edition Milkshake I’d seen in Asda.
Crusha milkshake mixes are liquid so easily combine with the milk, especially after a quick stir. I added some to a chilled glass of milk and gave it a refreshing sip on a hot day. I liked the flavour, the base taste seemed to be mostly sweet like caramel, but the drink did have a nice super creamy tastes and a hint of golden biscuit about the flavour. For me I had been expecting a little bit of chocolate in the mix, I think mainly because the cookies shown on the bottle look dark, and I didn’t really pick up on this. The taste though is lovely, ones for fans of caramel and vanilla as this Crusha Cookies and Cream Limited Edition Milkshake is primarily sweet and creamy. It was only after finishing my glass that I spotted it had no added sugar, so is low calorie (excluding the milk). I’m looking forward to exploring the rest of the milkshake aisle in the supermarket and seeing what else there is to keep us cool on these warm days.


Anonymous said...

Remembering their lime version fondly, BRING IT BACK! ��

Anonymous said...

Ummm yes please delicious frothy ice cold lime milkshake in Woolworths on a Saturday when I was a child , those were the good times

cinabar said...

I just don't understand how the Lime Crusha isn't still a thing, I am hoping they bring it back real soon.