14 April 2019

Crepe Cake - Matcha Style (Happy Lemon, Birmingham) by @NLi10

We've covered the phenomenon of the crepe cake before here on FoodStuffFinds and found that it's tasty and massively filling.  What happens then when we combine this with the fashionable (and lovely) super stimulating Matcha powder?

I'd assumed it was a light sprinkle on top and maybe a little in the mixture.

Nope - this thing is mostly Matcha!  You have a good mm on top, it's in all the layers, and the crepes themselves look green too.  It's pretty hardcore.  Luckily this was to slit between three (and was still a bit too filling) so I didn't quite fly home.  

It is a work of art though - be a shame if anything happened to it...

Oh no! As you can see - it's very green.  It has the flavours of the standard crepe cake but with the intense addition of the Matcha on top.  It has the strongest tea flavour that I remember trying, but with the sweetness and creaminess of the pancakes it doesn't overpower.  This is definitely a sharing desert though and I'm glad I waited until there was a group of us who are relatively into this kind of thing to try it out.  I think I had most of the very top layer though.  

A great experience and one I'm sure I'll have again - and it made the rest of the afternoon a buzz too!

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