29 April 2019

Tango Strawberry Watermelon Sugar Free Drink (Poundland) By @Cinabar

Tango Strawberry Watermelon Sugar Free Drink

I’m still on the hunt for refreshing soft drinks, even if the weather has stepped back a bit toward more traditional cooler temperatures at this time of year. I actually found this new flavour Tango Strawberry Watermelon sugar free fizzy soft drink in Poundland, and managed to pick up a few cans.
Once home I chilled them and then poured it into a glass. The drink is a pinky red in colour and was rather fizzy, I had to wait for the bubbles to settle before being able to completely fill my glass. I liked the flavour ever so much, it was sweet with plenty of strawberry and a heavy handed portion of watermelon that was very refreshing. I thought the Tango Strawberry Watermelon delivered nice strong fruit flavours, and that the combination of these fruits was a brilliant idea.Who knew strawberry and watermelon would work so well together, it was practically summer in a can. I have no idea why watermelon isn’t more popular, it is such a refreshing flavour and I’m really pleased to see Tango use it, I’m hoping some other companies make some watermelon flavoured items and it becomes a bit more mainstream. It is the perfect refreshing fruit for summer, now all we need is the sun to show up again.

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