4 April 2019

Steak Pie but Quorn not beef (@NLi10)

I like Quorn. It enabled me to be a vegetarian at university without too much hassle, and has informed my meal choices for the last 20 years accordingly. Now I’m more nutritarian than veggie/vegan but I still keep Quorn in the freezer for all occasions. I also love pies - which is why it’s such a shock that this is something I will never eat again.

It all looks fairly standard so far. Typical pie. Typical me meal with no veg yet (I added leafy

And the cooking and ingredients are fairly standard too. Basically they decided to do the peppered steak flavour with their pink chicken Quorn.

And it looks realistic too. This is not one for the veggies who love veg - it’s clearly aimed at people who miss meat. And I don’t know whether it’s the way it cooks in its sauce that ruins it all, but my first bite was met with audible revulsion!

Something hasn’t worked here - the Quorn is so soft and textureless that it feels like it’s gone off. The flavour is all pepper and no real ‘meat’. It’s not only unusual it’s downright unpleasant. The pastry is good and when eaten as a whole adds enough bite to mean that I finished it all. It’s odd - I’ve no real idea why I didn’t get on with this when I’ve loved all manor of Quorn snacks. Only their bacon and frankfurters have caused me to question them this much before - maybe it’s the same stuff. I’ll stick to other pies and just use their fantastic chunks and mince to make my own things.

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