26 April 2019

Galaxy Darker Collection - Darker Milk Chocolate (Asda) By @Cinabar

Galaxy isn’t my go to bar of chocolate. I don’t have it that often and whenever I do I’m always impressed by how rich it is and always mean to buy it more often. I had a Galaxy Ripple recently and was in awe of it. Luckily for me I do buy a lot of new products (who’d have figured) so when I spotted this Galaxy Darker Collection - Darker Milk chocolate bar I popped it in the basket.
The bar is fairly dark to look out, and the pieces marked on it are a little small for me. As much as I was looking forward to this bar I have to admit my first taste brought mixed feelings. The bar was sweet, and the initial kick of cocoa was nice, as was the thick melt. The remaining flavour in my mouth was weird though, slightly metallic and bitter, only mildly so but it was difficult to ignore. At the end of every piece I had this disappointing hint of flavour in my mouth which stopped me savouring the chocolate.
The more I ate the more that taste went away, but it appeared again when I stopped munching. This Galaxy Darker Collection - Darker Milk chocolate was so nearly a good bar, but I didn’t gel with it. I did still eat quite a few squares, it wasn’t all bad. It just isn’t something I’ll be buying again. I think Galaxy make an amazing milk chocolate bar, and I think that is clearly where their expertise lie. Has anyone else tried this Galaxy Darker Collection - Darker Milk chocolate? Is it just me who didn’t get on with it?


  1. I tried it last week but the second I put it in my mouth I noticed it had a strange, overpowering smoky taste unlike any chocolate I've ever had before. I usually love Galaxy and Im a fan of dark chocolate but that taste of smoke is almost like they've added smoky barbeque sauce to it or something. A very strange bar. Its just not quite right.

  2. I've heard the taste described as smokey and I can sort of agree.
    In the US, Mars Dove chocolate comes in dark (bittersweet) variety and it tastes so much better. They can make better but for us Brits the lowest common denominator will do...


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