23 June 2019

I'm not eating KFC Vegan food (but only because it's not there yet!) (by @NLi10)

There is a definite health kick in the UK fast food market at the moment.  Whether the consumer chooses the healthy option or not it's certainly a boost to the ego when eating at a place which has healthy options.  People also like vegan food.  The stylish like the lifestyle, and the religious also like the fact that it's automatically Halal. This means that adding a vegan option to the menu, then hyping the heck out of it (like Gregg's did) is good PR and might actually sell.

Because all risks are bad risks the people at KFC decided to do a trial and only sent out a few of the offerings to select stores.  None of these happened to be near me, so at the weekend I went on a jaunt to find one that did.

Too slow! But it comes back in July, which is a week away.  Interestingly they have imposter salads and imposter wraps too which is groovy.

And speaking of wraps - they seem to have all changed!  The plain wrap is now 'original' but different as it has coleslaw in it, and there is a BBQ wrap too.  You don't automatically get the new KFC fries either but have an option for healthier sides.  The new skin on fries are OK actually.  When I asked for an iced tea I got a regular tea - which is fine as all tea is good.

I didn't have the Smokey Mountain BBQ, I think they wrapped me up in the wrong direction.

But it looks fine, has good chicken, and had a lot of colours of veg in there instead of just some lettuce.  It's not as good as the MR Egg wrap, but here this was all £5 and the wrap there was £4 so its a balance thing.

And yeah - I'll be coming back for the Vegan KFC nonsense (it's Quorn again - why don't they get more adventurous!!!) but i was surprised just how much they've developed the menu this year since I last popped in.  I still don't thnk it's the best place to take a veggie on a date, but give them 6 months and who knows.

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