26 December 2018

Brewdolph Golden Xmas Beer (Aldi) By @SpectreUK

Brewdolph Golden Xmas Beer featuring Elf on the Shelf

I hope everyone has been having a lovely Christmas. Santa Claus has delivered all his presents and I hope you received everything you wanted. It's pretty obvious how Rudolph gets his (depending on who you talk to and how accurate you want the 'fun' to be) bright red nose from the front of this Brewdolph Golden Xmas Beer, produced by the Wychwood Brewery in Oxfordshire. I've seen a few television programmes lately claiming that at this time of year Rudolph would have fought his antlers off for the affections of his female colleagues, but I prefer the song rather than the possible facts!

Here Rudolph is carrying a bunch of hops in Santa's brewery in order to make some more of his namesake golden beer, after drinking all the previous batch once the presents had been delivered (of course). Many people can understand the need for a good drink after a hard day at work (or night pulling a large hairy old man around the world with a vast amount of presents). Although I'm still nursing a poorly knee back to health myself after an operation.

I first had to wrestle a cheeky elf for the bottle. On opening this 4% volume golden beer there were aromas of pale and sweet malts, followed by a crisp fruitiness from citrus hops, a touch of pine and yeast at the back of the smell. On taste this golden beer tastes more like a heavily hopped lager. There is a decent fizziness, with plenty of bitter punch from the hops followed by sweetness from the barley malt. It states a "delicate" dry finish on the label, but I'd disagree with that. There is certainly a lot of dryness in the aftertaste that does make this beer unputdownable. I can certainly see why Rudolph drinks each batch so quickly. No wonder he has such a red nose all the time!

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