9 January 2019

Simmons Pork Crackling (Asda) By @SpectreUK

Simmons Pork Crackling

I have heard said that the best pork crackling is produced in the West Midlands. As I've lived in the West Midlands all my life I've found it a rare occurrence not to like a bag of pork crackling with my beer in a pub, or a large bag or two small bags poured out into a bowl and eaten with my lunch after a good turn at the gym. I also like to dip pork crackling into apple sauce, as apple sauce and pork go very well together. I'm not sure how G. Simmons & Sons' Pork Crackling, from Walsall, has eluded me until now, but these little 20g blue bags contain some of the best pork crackling I have had the pleasure to eat.

Pork Crackling are seasoned fried pork rinds. It states on the packet that they are "only suitable for people with strong healthy teeth." I wouldn't like to tempt fate here, as a few months ago a broke a tooth on a rather hard pork scratching, but these Pork Crackling are some of the easiest pork rinds I've eaten. Yes, they have a good crunch to them, but they almost immediately melt in my mouth. It must have something to do with the frying. They are lusciously salty and super porky tasty. I probably should have written about them a few weeks back, as they have now taken over as my regular brand of pork crackling in the house. So no more broken teeth… well, fingers crossed anyway!

Information on the packet;
There are 6 x 20g packets in a pack. Per 100g there are 701 calories, with 62.9g of fat, less than 0.1g of sugar, and 0.815g of salt. Ingredients included; pork rinds, salt, flavour enhancer E621, and hydrolysed vegetable protein.

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